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At SMIU, we provide a full suite of services for Urology and Male Infertility. Our goal is to treat, but also to educate. Please select the category below to find specific information.

What we do

Personalized Care and Services

At SMIU, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of care that we provide, but the personalized care that we provide each patient. We recognize that each patient is different, and therefore it is necessary to offer a wide range of treatment options to personalize what is best for each patient’s urologic condition. We also hope to take each patient with a wholistic approach, not only focusing on the Urology but taking the whole patient into account when treating or recommending treatment.

More specifically, this means being knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in Urology care and being able to employ that technology as it is available to help patients. This provides the basis for helping people in a manner that gets patient back to life faster and healthier.

Please select from the options on the right to find out more about information about various Urologic conditions, and what we can do to help.

Male Infertility

There has been an increase in the rate of fertility issues seen in males over the past decades. While the reasons for this are debatable, there has been a heightened interest in both preventative and therapeutic options for males looking to conceive. Find out more about reasons for male infertility and treatments available.

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Men’s Health

As men age, it becomes increasingly important to address issues that can affect long-term health. While issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low testosterone are relatively common, these can also be indicators of more systemic issues that, if identified and treated early, can lead to longer, happier lives.

Find out more about options available to treat a wide range of urologic issues that are specific to the male, that can occur even in a young man’s life.

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Urology encompasses many different issues, ranging from urinary problems to kidney and bladder stone issues, to incontinence and various cancers of the genitourinary tract. Although these issues can be debilitating and even life-threatening, the good news is that technology in the field of Urology has advanced rapidly.

Find out more about various urologic conditions, and some of the therapies that can be used to treat them.

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What our clients say...

The success of any organization is ultimately determined by how well it serves the community. Please feel free to contact us or read the testimonials of the men and women we have helped to achieve their goals.

If you have ever gone to the emergency room, you know how scary that can be. Dr. Patel saw me once I was admitted to the hospital, and over the course of the next month had helped me with a urinary problem that had been bothering me for years and sent me to the hospital. Now, I can sleep through the night, and have no issues. He helped me when I needed help the most.

Christian, Kissimmee

I had seen Dr. Patel after being referred by my nephrologist for a mass in my kidney. I had a robotic surgery and was out of the hospital the next day just on Tylenol! He had spared my kidney, and now 2 years later I still have no sign of the tumor and my kidneys are functioning well. Thank you Dr. Patel for all that you do!

Maria R., Orlando

We were referred to Dr. Patel by a fertility doctor. We had seen other urologists and were disappointed that we were constantly told we could not have children. Dr. Patel had given us hope when there was none, and now we are celebrating the 2nd birthday of our second child! We are eternally grateful for everything that Dr. Patel has done for us.

Jonathan P., Orlando

I had been sent to Dr. Patel secondary to a very specific fertility issue that he had expertise in. We had low expectations, as every other Urologist we had seen (as well as fertility doctors) had said that the chance of having children, or even having a chance to have children, was basically zero. He was able to do a surgery that solved multiple problems at once. We were able to have multiple children thanks to him and my wife’s fertility doctor. We are lucky to have a doctor like him in Florida.

John S, Jacksonville

I had a vasectomy, and Dr. Patel did a surgery to reverse it. 3 kids later, I came back to him for another vasectomy! I guess that says everything you need to know about him.

Sean L, Merritt Island

I had high blood pressure from a mass in my adrenal gland. I was taking 5 medications to try and control it, and it was still high. Dr. Patel did a laparoscopic surgery to take out the adrenal gland, and now I am on only a small amount of medication. You will not be disappointed seeing him.

Carmen E., Orlando

I had been having significant issues with erectile function secondary to my diabetes. Dr. Patel did a procedure on me to place a penile prosthesis and straighten it. I could not be happier. Works like a charm, whenever I want! Thanks Dr. Patel, very happy with the results.

Juan V., Orlando

I had been having significant difficulty with many different things that affect men when they age. I had seen Dr. Patel on the recommendation of a friend in the area. He immediately understood what I was going through, and we had figured out the root of my problem. We started a plan that worked for me, and now I've been seeing him for 10 years! He has never steered me wrong, great guy and a great doctor.

Tim S., Merritt Island FL